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If you are thinking of buying or leasing an affordable warehouse or manufacturing building so you can locate your business in The city of Newburgh,NY, with its magnificent perch on the Hudson, you’ve picked the right spot! You should certainly search our commercial real estate property listings of for sale and for lease properties!We have beautiful, affordable historic buildings of many types! Newburgh is at the cross section of three major highways, and is home to an international airport, which serves as a hub for all shipping services offered by UPS, Fedex, and the US Postal Service. Learn why Atlas Industries chose to locate its fine-furniture, manufacturing business, to Newburgh, NY, and at the same time found community and activity not so different from the lifestyle once enjoyed in Brooklyn. Watch video >

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Thinking of starting your business in Newburgh,NY? This Shrimp Farm in Newburgh did just that! A start-up with big plans for growth, they found a perfect warehouse location. Now, this unique urban farm exists in a beautiful city that was defined by some of the greatest American architects of the 19th Century, including Andrew Jackson Davis, Calvert Vaux, and Andrew Jackson Downing. This river town has urban offerings, such as great restaurants and a lively arts scene, but just a few miles away there are vineyards, hiking trails and organic farms. And now, an urban shrimp farm! Read more >

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Growing your business in Newburgh, NY? The Newburgh Brewing Company is a success story and a growth story. Listen as its owners describe the joy of re-purposing a beautiful, historic brick light manufacturing building, and sourcing materials for brew making from area suppliers. Watch video >

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2.5 million square feet of historic manufacturing and warehouse space exists in Newburgh, NY. with lease rates as low as $5.00 a square foot. Some like the Regal Bag building have amazing Hudson River views. And, recent city rezoning regulations have opened up the possibility of live-work space for literally hundreds of Newburgh properties at incredibly low prices. This website provides searchable, detailed commercial real estate property listings of for sale and for lease properties.We also feature news and events about (and in) Newburgh, and interviews with Newburgh manufacturers and artisan-business owners.Sign up for updates on manufacturing and warehouse property listings, artisan food and maker events, live-work and city real estate workshops, and cultural news on one of the many forms found in our footer or sidebars sections of the site. You may also submit a property listing.

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News, Events, and Community

Our Newburgh: Why We Chose Newburgh Part 1

  Elizabeth Rowley and Bill Fioravanti   Beautiful homes on historic Montgomery Street Just steps from the intersection of Montgomery and Broad Street in Newburgh on a pie shaped piece of land is a relatively…


90% of the properties listed on our website: www.newburghny.org have sold or leased. Visit us!

Take a look at our Video of 65 Renwick Street!

This property is detailed on our property listing page here, but we had some fun with a video of the property listing, especially one with Hudson River Views, 2000 square feet, and at only $9.00…


Hudson Valley Farm and Flea’s 2017 Spring Event

    Laurie Perrone Fashion Designer of iconic American-made textiles and organizer of Hudson Valley Farm and Flea’s 2017 spring event Laurie Perrone, A Hudson Valley-based fashion designer, has her own American-made apparel and home…


The Alsdorf Dancing Academy’s Role In American Music and Dance

93 Liberty Street, Alsdorf Hall, was built in 1915, as the home of  the Alsdorf School of Music and Dancing, an historic music education and dance school begun in 1849 by Professor Dubois Alsdorf. Professor…


Claudia, Rocio Silva's mother. She is one of the expert, highly trained seamstresses at Ramos Upholstery, Newbugh,N.Y.

Ramos Upholstery Master Craftsmen

Rocio Silva, owner of Ramos Upholstery of Newburgh, N.Y. a master craftsman upholstery shop. Silva’s highly skilled and trained employees  participate in her unique apprenticeship program Ramos Upholstery of Newburgh Features Master Craftsmen   Ramos Upholstery…


Bobby Flay at Brooklyn Fireproof

Navigating Newburgh’s Commercial Properties with Thomas Burr Dodd

Closeup detail on the former Liberty Street School Building purchased in 2016 by Thomas Burr Dodd owner of RipRap LLC   Caffé Macchiato on Liberty Street is a temporary office of sorts for the gentleman…


Commodore Chocolatiers hand crafted candies

Commodore Chocolatier’s Delicious Hand Crafted Candy

  A love for hand crafted things, top notch customer service, and “Slow Food,” (aka: home-made) is a Newburgh custom. And you can see this in the kinds of businesses that have been here for some…


T-Sec Funds Hudson Valley Incubator

T-SEC Funds Hudson Valley Incubator

  What exactly is T-SEC?  Well, T-SEC funds the Hudson Valley Incubator, otherwise known as  the Orange County Accelerator. According to the New York State website on economic development, an “Incubator” meet these requirements: • been in…


Guidar fabrication with Murmuration and Fabhaus of Johnes Street, Newburg, N.Y.

Hidden Newburgh: Laser Artwork In Newburgh

  Ricardo Fuentes is a Hudson Valley native who owns a laser fabrication studio where his specialty is  doing laser artwork in Newburgh, N.Y. Fuentes,  who has worked for big brands and big names such…


Hudson Valley Film Tax Credit

    Update: November 5th, 2016. As we reported last month, for some reason the 2013-2014 New York State Budget included tax credit language for “upstate” counties. It did not include the counties within the…


Orange County Accelerator Expands

The CEO and President of Mystique Natural Hair and Body products, Alyson Springett     The completely renovated Accelerator II on Avenue of the Americas in New Windsor. These updated Army quarters now hold individual…


Murmuration Scenic Props on Johnes Street in Newburgh, N.Y.

Hidden Newburgh: Escape Rooms and Immersive Entertainment

  Murmuration, Inc’s., scenic designers work with some of the worlds biggest brands: Pepsi, Nike, Macy’s, Dos Equis and more creating fantastical props right in the heart of Newburgh A murmuration is the darting blur of…


Hidden Newburgh: Duct Dynasty. Hardon Sheetmetal of Newburgh, N.Y.

Hidden Newburgh: Duct Dynasty

Newburgh is an interesting place. Discovering her past manufacturing and business history as well as the many present day business stories is like going on a buried treasure hunt. You can drive down different streets…


Angela and Noah Shapiro of Shapiro's Furniture Barn

Shapiro’s Furniture Barn A Newburgh Legacy

Noah and Angela Shapiro and son, Jakob Shapiro’s furniture barn is a Newburgh Legacy Business Whether it’s a Wednesday or Saturday, you can wander in through the front door of Shapiro’s Furniture Barn and amble…


Open Studios 2016 Recap

A recent visit with Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor the architects of Newburgh’s Open Studios annual event offered an Open Studios 2016 recap. By their account (and ours!) the event was tremendous and offered the…


Panic At The Disco with Stranger Things Noah Schnapp on set in Newburgh, N.Y. for the shoot of Panic At The Disco's LA Devotee

Panic At The Disco With Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp of Stranger Things on set in Newburgh, N.Y. for the shoot of Panic At The Disco’s LA Devotee When video producer Rachel Diamond, of Platform 12, a Hudson Valley film production company, was…


A Hardware Store On Broadway

  As the sales of city owned properties pick up momentum in and around the Historic District, new shops, pop up galleries, and restaurants have begun to spring up. As fun as all that is,…


All the Details: Newburgh Open Studios 2016

A studio space at Atlas Studios   Time for Newburgh Open Studios 2016! It’s that time again. Yup. Time for this wonderful event that raises awareness not only about Newburgh’s art scene, but also about…


Sales of city owned properties pick up momentum. Pictured here, John Leighton's photograph of Mill St.

Sales of City Owned Properties Pick Up Momentum

Example of renovated properties in City of Newburgh’s Historic District The city of Newburgh’s Planning & Development Department is busy these days as sales of city owned properties picks up momentum. Nobody is complaining because…


Newburgh, N.Y. is a transportation hub

Newburgh, N.Y. is a Transportation Hub

The expression “planes, trains, and automobiles” couldn’t be more apt for Newburgh, N.Y., which truly is a transportation hub and only sixty miles north of New York City! Buses Transit Orange  is a local commuter…


Sarah Beckam Hoof of youthere.com enters her new live-work space at 169.5 Liberty St. Newburgh, N.Y. in the historic district.

Couple Find Live Work Dream Space On Liberty Street

    How their live-work dream was pursued. Sarah sits on a table, shrugs and says “We were placeless people!” She says this by way of explaining the peripatetic pace of her life (she’s lived…


The 2016 Newburgh Lightbulb Project

 The 2016 Newburgh Light Bulb Project  Grand Finale & SILENT AUCTION JULY 10th 7:00 p.m. PLACE: Newburgh Waterfront Park 1 Washington Street Newburgh, New York, 12550 In June we sat down to talk with partners Gerardo…


Live-Work Comes to Newburgh

      In July of 2015 the City of Newburgh’s Planning Department’s  zoning update was unanimously accepted. The planning process targeted nine main areas that the rezoned code was designed to effect; one of…


Cottage and live-work zones are supported and encouraged by TSEC

Growing Newburgh Part One

  GROWING NEWBURGH PART ONE: A look at The Orange County Industrial Development Agency, The Accelerator, and The Solar Energy Consortium. Read part two here These three agencies coordinate to offer a variety of resources…


Regal Bag Building 302 North Water St.

Regal Bag Building 302 North Water Street

On A River of Opportunities’ newburghny.org, website we spotlight properties. Specifically, we spotlight a number of Newburgh, N.Y.’s historic brick warehouse and manufacturing properties within our “featured properties,” section on the home page of our website….


Queen Of The Hudson Logo

Queen of the Hudson Concert Series 2016

The Queen of the Hudson concert series 2016 offers chamber music lovers classically inspired, world-class performances within an intimate setting in the heart of the City of Newburgh.  The venue was launched in 2011 by…


Rezoning workshop

Newburgh’s New Rezoning Regulations

The  Newburgh Armory Unity Center in Newburgh, NY is hosting a City of Newburgh, NY, rezoning workshop on March 31st on behalf of A River of Opportunities, Newburgh, NY. “A River of Opportunities” is a…


Are you a Remodeler? Get Lead Paint Removal Certified!

Lead paint removal class for remodelers

Are you a tradesperson involved in: Carpentry Painting Plumbing Electrical contracting Maintenance personnel Property Manager The EPA  ruled that contractors and individuals who renovate, paint, or repair and potentially disrupt the atmosphere with activities that…


Safe Harbors Campaigning For Green Space In Newburgh

The non profit, Safe Harbors is many things to Newburgh: an important space offering as its name suggests, safe harbor. This video explains what it has done and what it hopes to do to expand…


An historic building saved in part by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' efforts

Historic Buildings Are Our Heritage

“I think if we don’t care about our past, we can’t have very much hope for our future!” So said Jackie Kennedy Onassis during the 1975 press conference that burned an awareness in our collective…


Reimagined Newburgh food portal video thumbnail

Columbia Graduate Students and a reimagined Newburgh

Columbia University Graduate Students in the school’s Urban Design Studio, are architects enrolled in a program which weaves together the disciplines of architecture and urban design. Using cities as real life labs regionality, history, and…


Earlville Opera House

Greater Hudson Heritage Hosts Grants Info Session

INFO SESSION 2/24/16 TarryTown, NY @Carriage House At Lyndhurst In an effort to inform not for profits and municipalities about grants that are available for preserving historic, landmark buildings in New York State, The Greater…


Thornwillow Press “Doing something that actually matters.”

Luke Ives Pontifell, owner of Thornwillow Press, relocated to the City of Newburgh, NY from NYC and Prague. Pontifell spent summer vacations from Harvard printing and making hand bound books. Watch as he describes the…


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