T-SEC Funds Hudson Valley Incubator

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What exactly is T-SEC?  Well, T-SEC funds the Hudson Valley Incubator, otherwise known as  the Orange County Accelerator.

According to the New York State website on economic development, an “Incubator” meet these requirements:

• been in existence for three years

• provide a strategic plan

• demonstrate that their services align with industry best practices

• agree to expand the services

• demonstrate a 2:1 match of state funds

T-SEC is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that provides small and medium-sized manufacturers with business and technical support, and that includes the marketing we do right here on this website.

And, for example, this website: newburghny.org is funded by T-SEC in order to raise awareness about Newburgh’s competitive stock of affordable, commercial real estate.




T-SEC funds the A River of Opportunities Marketing Campaign

T-SEC also makes possible equipment-sharing, by funding and making available properly equipped labs and manufacturing pods located at strategic, regional sites throughout New York State.

And T-SEC facilitates jobs by creating training programs (often customizing on a per needs basis).


Carl Meyer CEO of T-SEC, under Carl's guidance, T-Sec Funds the Hudson Valley Incubator known as the Orange County Accelerator

Carl Meyer, former CEO of Central Hudson and current CEO of T-SEC


These training programs enable the businesses utilizing the T-SEC funded pods to grow, and while doing so, to create well- paying jobs.


These start-ups then scale up (it is hoped) to one of the many terrific commercial property locations available in Newburgh (or elsewhere, as T-SEC provides funds throughout the state).


The model T-SEC uses is one based on partnership (and shared use of assets) both to industry and to a community of start up businesses.


By working with Academia (primarily throughout the Hudson Valley region)T-SEC cultivates a connection to the many educational resources in the Hudson Valley.


T-SEC’s Academic connection fosters:


  • Academic Student Training
  • Vocational Training
  • Employee Training



In fact, T-SEC’s labs operate in partnership with these well known educators and as a result, use of the equipment is generally available to the public AND typically free of charge.

The following educators are just such partners, and the particular discipline for partnership is noted:


  • 3D Printing and Scanning LAB, SUNY Rockland, Haverstraw NY
  • Computer Sensor LAB, SUNY Sullivan, Loch Sheldrake, NY
  • Metrology, Modeling, and Mechatronics SMARTT LAB, SUNY Ulster, Stone Ridge, NY


T-SEC also partners with the following Economic Development Agencies at the Federal, State, and Regional levels:



A special and unique relationship for T-SEC (and which accrues value to Newburgh, N.Y., by virtue of proximity) is the one that exists between the Orange County Accelerator and T-SEC.

Signage at the Orange County Accelerator. T-Sec Funds this Hudson Valley Incubator

Interior shot of signage outside an Accelerator incubator “Pod” located at Avenue of the America’s in New Windsor, N.Y.


In the past few years, T-SEC (under the leadership of Carl Meyer, former CEO of Central Hudson Energy Group) and the Orange County Accelerator, have partnered in way that has benefited the Accelerator via capital improvements.


Says Carl Meyer on the partnership, “We have access to grand funding and we are an economic development play. We seek organic, economic development, with a focus on manufacturing in order to create and grow jobs.


“We work with smaller companies to help them grow and improve the bottom line.


“We support the Accelerator by providing access to technical equipment and business expertise.


“We realized what people often need is access to one specific type of technical equipment that is either too large, or too expensive pieces to own on an individual basis.



Watch this video to learn about the capabilities of the T-SEC funded Vapodest. Distillers and beverage processors must evaluate a number of things, for instance alcohol strength by volume in order to assess their products and label the content properly. The Vapodest does this efficiently and accurately.


“So, for instance, a distillery may need testing equipment, may not have it and may have to go out of the region, out of state, or in some cases, out of the country to get a small, craft batch of liquid product tested.


“And so we are interested in helping fund the kind of capital intensive equipment that will help these small and medium size businesses scale up.”


Meyer points out that as a result of his business background, he has numerous relationships with significant business entities across the Hudson Valley Region.


In the past few years, Meyer’s vision of making capital equipment available, for instance by purchasing the Tukatech CAD pattern making technology as detailed in our article here,  has made state of the art textile production available to cottage industry textile businesses in the region.


And in November of 2016, The Accelerator unveiled a tremendous piece of equipment (again funded by TSEC) available at their new Food and Beverage testing laboratory located at the recently renovated facilities at Avenue of the Americas, New Windsor, N.Y.


The specific equipment is known as a Vapodest, and it is made by C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems, a German manufacturer.


And, any number of the Hudson Valley’s distilleries, hard cider processors as well as food manufacturers and processors are now able to access Vadopest’s technology which measures the calories in a product, its alcohol content,  and allows for other chemical substance determinations which conform to stringent U.S. Food Administration Drug and Safety labeling requirements as well as E.P.A. guidelines.


The Times Herald Record’s website noted that event attendee, Tuthilltown Distillery, of Gardiner, New York, was forced to ship samples to Scotland in order to have it assessed, but now it and more than 130 other New York State distilleries will be able to take advantage of the Accelerator’s Vadopest technology.


All, thanks to T-SEC and its unwavering financial support (and knowledge mentoring) of businesses throughout the Hudson Valley Region.